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Of course, they don’t have our experience, or our battle scars for that matter, but, this is beside the point. Or, you may decide that she is right, but, that finding a partner is just not worth the trouble.Lisa argues that, if we can connect with our feminine side, we can find a quality man, regardless of who we are competing with. But, I promise you that her opinions come from interactions with 100s of older women, just like you.To get a view into the male mind after 60, I sat down with dating coach, Lisa Copeland for a quick chat.Lisa Copeland is a fabulous woman, with a passion for helping women to find quality men.At this point in their lives most realize how fast it goes by and if you are their priority, they're going to make you know it real quick.My ex was 64, told me he loved me first, changed his Facebook status to "In a Relationship" first, and spoke about our serious future together before I did.

Now, as we reach our 50s and 60s, the situation is somewhat more complicated. To the people leaving sentiments at the front gate, we see you and grieve with you."The 31-year-old model started dating Hugh in January 2009 following his relationship with his former "No. WATCH: Hugh Hefner Reportedly Laid to Rest in Private Ceremony Attended by Wife and Children As previously reported, the media mogul was laid to rest next to Marilyn Monroe in a private ceremony attended by his closest family and friends, including Crystal and his four children, Cooper, Christie, Marston and David. He was previously married to Kimberley Conrad and Millie Williams. For women who have been trying to find that illusive “special someone” for a while, this may seem like an impossible question to answer.

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