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For more information on this function (as well as information on a related function, . Close() End Using End If Return results End Function When the client application calls the Web service it passes along its cookies.Updating the work item count text and the page's title is just a matter of a few lines of Java Script. Because this website uses forms-based authentication, when a user logs on to the site an authentication ticket is added to the cookies collection so that the user can be identified on subsequent requests.Now, imagine that she minimizes her browser and starts working on non-work item tasks and that, during that time, two new work items are added to her queue.When she brings her browser back to the foreground the page has not been updated, it still reports that there are three open work items.", and we need this question to be asked periodically, say once every 30 seconds.Furthermore, when getting the answer to this question we need to display it in the text in the upper left corner and update the page's title.NET AJAX client API, a bit of Java Script, and Web services that support script access.

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This article looks at how to build such an interactive user interface by using the ASP.A better solution is to use AJAX to interactively refresh the text in the upper left corner.And if the Java Script that updates the text also updates the page's title to include the number of open work items the user can see the number of current open work items in the task bar when the browser is minimized.The remainder of this article shows how to implement such functionality using the ASP.NET AJAX framework, script-enabled Web services, and a touch of Java Script.

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