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In March 1995, the European Language Resources Association (ELRA) was set up with strong backing by the Com- mission of the European Community. Linguistic expertise, lan- guage resources and computational linguistics are highly developed in most Central and Eastern European countries.As well, we can observe here the emergence of a powerful, if still small, language industry.It was considered important to identify the best and most promising proposals in different sub-areas within Language Engineering, and to secure a reasonable involvement of all the eligible countries in Cen- tral and Eastern Europe.The Call for Proposals was primarily targeted towards the following countries from Central and Eastern Europe: Albania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovak Republic and Slovenia.We find it in scientifically designed text corpora, in lexicons based on existing dictionaries and on corpus analysis, and we can extract it from textual and lexical resources and convert it into the form needed in application by power- ful generic software, both language specific and language independent.Language resources are the raw material of all language technology.

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Subsequent issues contain similar association-related information and articles on these topics: syntactic tagging techniques; the Czech National Corpus,* issues in machine translation of Plato's "Republic" in a variety of Slavic languages; development of new lexicons,* and development of multilingual technology. For the emergent European information society we have to develop a language technology that takes advantage of the multilingual challenge.These institutions pool their resources, build up multilingual expertise, develop generic tools for multilingual applications and create a strong permanent platform for suc- cessful cooperation between research and industry. Already, it has succeeded in setting up several multinational joint ventures with academic and industrial partners leading to concrete lan- guage technology products for today’s and tomorrow’s market.These projects will be presented in the next issues of this newsletter.* ******************************************************************************** h- CX 7 ^7 *v. The quality of all language technology rests on the linguistic knowledge determining the algorithms of any natural language processing application.PERMISSION to REPRODUCE and disseminate this material has BEEN GRANTED BY Vvo r\oe_r-\L — .' TO THE EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES INFORMATION CENTER (ERIC) l ERIC Contents 1. This linguistic knowledge is accessible in and by language resources.

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