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call it what you like, food poisoning and similar [vomiting] viral infections are an unfortunate caveat of travel and can strike at any time and in any place.You will probably be at a loss as to what has caused it and you just have to wait it out.Such may have you go through hell and back for at least 6-24 hours and will be a case of something more sinister such as the .

Best advice: don't get paranoid about food poisoning otherwise it can cloud a trip and your experiences of some great food.

Just remember, you may go a year and not have a problem or get ill on your first day in somewhere like Crete or Las Vegas.

It's something of a lottery with food preparation, storage and hygiene (including yours) the key factors.

Its effects are horrible, but it doesn't last long in most cases.

There seems to be two types: one that will come on suddenly (often in the middle of the night) and see you throwing up all night, feeling pretty shit the next day and that's it, and the other, much worse, will come on slower and last several days.

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