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Tough enough to survive the barrel-packing of 100 years ago.

Flesh yellowish, rather firm but coarse; fairly juicy.

ARKANSAS BLACK A fine old variety, one of the best winter-keepers.

Tough skin, giving it some resistance to codling moth.

Golden Delicious x Idared from Swiss breeding program, introduced in 1981.

Medium small fruit, not particularly attractive--greenish yellow skin, rather ugly brown blush.

Connecticut is known for its rich history and BBPeople is here to bring their Big and Beautiful Singles together. Outstanding cooker; slices tend to keep shape; makes golden yellow sauce or slices. Skin very dark purplish red, similar to Black Oxford. Fairly tart at harvest, mellowing to excellent sugar/acid balance. (See "Ben Davis" in our Stories section-link.) BLUE PEARMAIN An old English variety that has been successful in Maine and Quebec because of its excellent winter hardiness. BRAMLEY' S SEEDLING The classic cooker of Britain; makes a pale, creamy sauce with fine tart/sweet balance. Norfolk Pippin) English dessert apple, dating to early 1800s. Skin yellow with considerable light striping, sometimes orange-red blush; light russet network.

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