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Already a plan had gone around (and, thankfully, was shot down) to demolish the State Capitol building in favor of modern office structures.The Arlington Hotel met with the wrecking ball in the 1960s, as well as quite a few other old buildings in town. So rather than relocating the child services division and finding a new use for this excellent building, they planned to build the “cottages” on the same site.On October 28, 1870, the first child was admitted to the new home.It operated for over 30 years until the fire in 1902. After the fire, the orphans again found themselves homeless, so the Legislature had to act quick to get the Children’s Home rebuilt.Ormsby County donated ten acres on Fifth Street just west of Stewart, which back then (and indeed up until the mid 1900s) was on the outskirts of town.A large Victorian dormitory (shown above) was built on the site, for a total cost of ,500.That’s why in 1963 the Children’s Home was torn down, and this great piece of Carson City architecture lost.

This is the one part of Sunny Acres that was not demolished, for whatever reason.

This here is one of Carson City’s grand old stone buildings.

It is the state orphanage, variously called the Orphan’s Home, Children’s Home, and Sunny Acres.

Townspeople would donate money to the home to buy the children Christmas presents or a day at the movies.

They went to city schools, attended church, and held jobs on the farm in the back.

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