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Bixby made his directorial debut on the sitcom in 1970, directing eight episodes.

ABC canceled the sitcom in 1972 at the end of season three.

While in the seventh grade, Bixby attended Grace Cathedral and sang in the church's choir.

In one notable incident, he shot the bishop using a slingshot during a service and was kicked out of the choir.

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David Banner on the CBS science-fiction drama series The Incredible Hulk.Bixby was nominated for the Emmy Award for Lead Actor in a Comedy Series in 1971.The following year, he won the Parents Without Partners Exemplary Service Award for 1972.Brandon Cruz said of the show which developed a professional father-son relationship, compared to that of The Andy Griffith Show, "We dealt with issues that were talked about but were never brought up on television.Bill wasn't the first actor to portray a single widowed father, but he became one of the popular ones, because of his easy-going way of this crazy little kid." Prior to Bixby's promotion as the director, Brandon said, "He was looking for the best dolly grip, along with the boom operator that if something was called specifically and failed, Bill could be easily angry." On the kind of relationship Bill had wanted with his co-star, Brandon also said, "Bill would never speak down to me. He made sure that we had a lot of time together, just so he could kinda crawl inside my head and see what actually made a kid tick." The final thing he realized of Bill's real-life father's death in 1971, and when asked about his mentor’s father’s loss, he stated: "He had that type of mentality that the show must go on, thinking it was just a great T. show, after he broke down weeping." In 1973, Bixby starred in The Magician.

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