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Go to the flag and click on it to raise the flag to start the waves, you need to go through a few rounds of enemies until it tells you that you're at the Boss Wave. To play an Epic Quest you will need to go to the quest board and find a quest with a lightning bolt next to it.

Make sure when the crates drop that have the reinforcement characters in it you open them. I character can help you out a lot, whether it be by killing enemies, distracting the them while you kill them or take the time to heal. These quests are usually more time consuming and harder to complete than normal requests.

To promote a character, you will need to reach level 10 with the character first.

After you are level 10 you will have to go to the stats room and go to the character's mini figurehead and click on it then click on promote. You will obtain stars by completing quests on the quest board. This trophy will be a real grind and will probably be one of the last ones you get along with Gramma Z says.

Also make sure to utilize the 4 Dirt Piles or Potted Plants. The quest board updates every 2 days so it will take about three weeks to obtain this trophy.

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Having a Sunflower or Zombie scientist on your team to heal you will really help out though. This won't take as long as it seems because just doing the storylines for the Plants and the zombies, you should have about half of this trophy done already.You will be able to play as any number of plants or zombies in this game and take part in a whole bunch of different adventures, whether it be from the Backyard Battleground, to Garden Ops, to Multiplayer while you work your way to obtain the platinum trophy for this game.Walkthrough: Step 1: Backyard Battleground Backyard Battleground is essentially the single player aspect of the game.Super Boss Waves are really luck based so you will have to keep playing Ops matches until you unlock this trophy.It's My Island Reach the boss wave using the Flag of Power in the Backyard Battleground.

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