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And asking my partners to remind me that I am good, that they do love me, feels almost impossible.

It can feel like I’m forcing them to take care of me, or forcing them to say something they don’t really feel.

Sometimes, these feelings win, and I don’t ask my partners for reassurance.

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The original complaint against Grindr said that hookup app Scruff, which Herrick’s ex was also allegedly using to create fake profiles, was able to remove profiles and ban IP addresses.

In school, work, family, and friendships, I feared making people disappointed and worked to avoid that.

Now that I am finally facing my disabilities and accepting the limitations they impose, I am learning to accept that this model is not sustainable or healthy.

He denied setting up fake accounts but declined to comment further.“[Companies] can identify and stop this kind of stuff — they just don’t want to take on the obligation.” Attorney David Gingras, who frequently defends companies from lawsuits under Section 230, said these types of cases will likely increase.“There is currently a war between online speech providers and people who are unhappy with that speech.

People do the worst things online and it sucks — but that’s not the issue.

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