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By each representation viewed separately, or all representations viewed jointly, consumers acting reasonably will conclude IMT is a talent agency.

However, it is illegal in California to operate a talent agency or book talent without a talent agency license (see Labor Code 1700).

One of the biggest “easy wins” for guys when it comes to their closet is to invest in really great outerwear, because it makes the rest of your outfit look at least 7x more expensive. And despite the bad rep Seinfeld gave the style, the beltless trench is surprisingly modern-looking, and definitely super stylish.

Sure, you can wear this coat to work and feel like a total smokeshow in tailored business casual. But if you need to dash to the store on a Saturday morning, you can throw the same jacket over a white v-neck tee, sweats and a pair of not-too-scuffed up sneakers and be out the door in two minutes flat.

Do you have a talent agency license as required by California state law to book talent? The state database shows no listing for your company. Just to remind you this is what it said: Wanted: 10 East Indian and Caucasian female models for casual print. The sooner we see you the better your chances are of making the cut, we hold people who are diligent in high regards. Thank you for showing interest in the talent scout position.

Additional Trade names Image Model Talent Additional Addresses There are no additional addresses for this company on file. Soderling: You are named as the contact person for IMT in the BBB record for IMT. when I asked how he got my information, he wasn't sure and sited a # of different places he might have gotten it.

Bureau File Experience We rate this company as having an unsatisfactory business performance record.

Some complainants allege the company makes unauthorized charges on their credit or debit cards, and fails to credit or refund the amount after the error is brought to their attention.

Our experience with similar offers, is that consumers enter into agreements based on verbal representations and not the actual services in the contract. According to licensed talent agents, portfolios are developed over the course of a persons career and novices do not need expensive portfolios. I got a call from image models & talent to come in for an interview, and it seemed fishy.

The Better Business Bureau does not endorse, recommend or disapprove of any company, product or service. although i've been in the market for new representation, I did not recognize their name.

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