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The movement of self-determination of Karabakh was launched in 1988 and aimed at equal treatment to all national minorities in Azerbaijani SSR and preservation of their rights and freedom.

Armenians insisted on independence of Nagorn-Karaback right up to its withdrawn from Azerbaijani SSR (based on principle of self-determination as one of the major principle of international law) while Azerbaijani's side stuck on principle of state's indivisibility.

The Armenian Committee of the Karabakh movement started its activities in February 20, 1988, demanding equal treatment of minorities in the territory of the Azerbaijan SSR.

In response, organized mobs started their pillage in Sumgait (Azerbaijan) on February 26, 1988.

Moreover, the methods employed for obtaining of any information are well known: montage and cutting of true, objective, namely useless information.

Anastasia is nice woman; she is about 30, she is ambitious, self-confident, and aiming high.

Under Soviet circumstances it means huge promotion.

Collided with awful reality Anastasia decided to make true report about Karabakh conflict.

On August 4, 1990 Levon Ter-Petrosian became Chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the Republic of Armenia. Under the supervision of Soviet Military, on April 30 th of 1991, the Azeri forces started the operation “Koltzo.” The objective was cleansing Nagorno-Karabakh of its historical Armenian population. This is the eve of Soviet Union collapse in 1989-1990. He creates family; he has one son and his wife is expecting second one.Events launch in Afghanistan where Gor serves in the Soviet Army in 1985. Afghans commandos kill almost all Russian soldiers. Nothing remains the hell, which has happened in Afghanistan. Villagers concern about their future and apply to Gor for help.Only Gor and his Russian friend called Eugenie survive. They believe that Gor as professional can prevent forced deportation.She presents human tragedy in the face of Gor's private misfortune jeopardizing her own career.Historical background Events develop in the eve of Soviet Union collapse.

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