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It is not possible to give a straightforward account of the origins of Ma~nju'srii, unlike a number of figures in the Buddhist or, indeed, Hindu tradition.He shows no obvious development in status comparable with that seen, for instance, in the figure of Vajrapaa.ni, who first appears as a attendant of the Buddha, later becoming a bodhisattva and finally a Buddha under the name of Vajradhara.[2] Ma~nju'srii does not appear in the Theravaada Pali canon or in any other non-Mahaayaana text.Nevertheless, Lalou suggests that the popularity of both Pa~nca'sikha and Ma~nju'srii derives from a single mythic source, belief in a god who is eternally young.Whether or not this might be true for Pa~nca'sikha, in Ma~nju'srii's case such a proposal takes no account of his specifically Buddhist role as one of the most important bodhisattvas.

Ma~nju'srii also tends to be envisaged in the form of a young man or youth, as is witnessed by his standard epithet kumaarabhuuta, which can mean both "being a youth" and "being a prince." It is not clear, however, that this affinity is of significance since Pa~nca'sikha is not portrayed as more youthful than other gods.

Since there is comparatively little material readily available on Ma~nju'srii – the most important monograph on him to date is in French in an academic journal (Lamotte, 1960) – part of my purpose in writing has been to make existing scholarship more widely known.

Source references are supplied for those who wish to pursue topics further.

In the suutras of Mahaayaana Buddhism, Ma~nju'srii is found fully-formed as an advanced bodhisattva.

Yet despite the lack of a clear ancestry, various influences have been perceived in his make-up and a number of theories proposed as to his origins. Pa~nca'sikha The French scholar Marcelle Lalou has pointed to a number of affinities between Ma~nju'srii and a celestial musician (Skt.

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