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The present invention relates to methods, kits, and compositions for generating purified RNA samples and purified DNA samples. This method, while still used, is hazardous, laborious and of limited utility for isolation of RNA from biological sources containing high amounts of ribonuclease (RNase), an extremely stable enzyme that degrades RNA.In particular, the present invention provides methods for generating a purified RNA or DNA sample from a sample containing both DNA and RNA molecules using a binding matrix that... An improved method for isolating intact RNA from ribonuclease-rich tissues was disclosed by Chirgwin et al., Biochemistry, 18: 5924-29 (1979).

High Pure RNA Isolation Kit from Roche Diagnostics).

In additional embodiments, the binding matrix, whether in an acidic buffer or not in an acidic buffer, comprises binding particles, a composition coated with binding particles, or a solid support.

In particular embodiments, the binding matrix is magnetic and the separating step is performed with magnetic separation type techniques.

In certain preferred embodiments, the binding matrix comprises binding particles (e.g.

zeolites, acid zeolites, a solid acid catalyst, etc.).

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